With over 27year experience in auto part production and development, CHEETAH AUTO was established as a professional manufacturer specialized in auto part switches. Our product range includes turn signal switches, ignition starter switches, ignition cable switches, head lamps switches, and fuse boxes.
Quality and customer satisfaction are always the top priorities for us. From product developing, sourcing, producing, assembling, to testing, CHEETAH AUTO products are subjected to meet high standard specifications of truck and car spare parts in the worldwide automotive aftermarket.
CHEETAH AUTO - Your source for quality auto parts and accessories
In 2009 Cheetah Automotive Products Co., Ltd. announced that the company has been ISO 9001 certified.
Cheetah Automotive Products Co., Ltd.
Adress: Taichung City , Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-25672622
Fax: +886-4-25675640
ISO 9001
Registration No. 66Q10812
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